Who We Are

TAS is a technology product company providing information processing automation solutions. TAS products and services are built on top of its cutting edge and adaptive machine learning platform – InfoSieve. InfoSieve based products and services can automate information processing tasks that involve complex human intervention and domain expertise.

These products and services are already helping our customers to achieve higher level of productivity, reduce human efforts and build more complex automation solutions for their information needs.

TAS InfoSieve Platform, available as both deployed software or productized service, either completely automates a particular information task or provides automated assistance for repeated information processing tasks with seamless support from inclusion of subject matter experts/expertise.

TAS technology helps streamline these processes for better, much improved quality, thus sparing human time for information synthesis, quality control and exception handling. This in turn means improved productivity, time, effort and cost savings.

In addition to the above, users of this system can bring in more complexity in terms of sources, enormity, cross-connectedness of data – going beyond what a human analyst can handle.

TAS Benefits

Tasks and processes that can be automated by InfoSieve Services:

Workflow automation – where humans are involved in:

    Relationship Mapping
    Data Integration
    Data Modeling
    Information Discovery

Extraction, Analysis and Classification of Information from variety of formats/sources:

    Semi-structured XLS

Web Information Aggregation and Monitoring

   Intelligent deep data extraction from the web
   Advanced change detection and scheduling
   Classification and data modelling fused with web data extraction

TAS Advantages

Reduction of typical hybrid human + technology effort in repetitive and insight-intensive tasks by a demonstrable and measurable ratio.

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    Complete or partial automation of information processing tasks with guarantees of output

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    Reduced time to market; accelerating project implementations by a significant margin

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    Allows for big data driven analysis and decision science across multiple sources and bigger data sets – along with human expert assistance

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    Quality checked and supervised by subject matter experts. Faster and more efficient data integration and transformation than existing alternatives

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    Cost reduction/production gain of 30% to 90% depending on types of human efforts involved

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    Output is an interactive portal with audit trail with more analytics and insight ready data. (Shows both task and input source)

How It Works

1. Client provides input/output samples.
2. TAS InfoSieve Platform learns from these samples/examples.
3. Subject Matter Experts/Analysts interact with the system for fine-tuning the learning.
4. End Result: System produces output - automating (fully or partially) a variety of information processing tasks with guaranteed quality comparable to or exceeding human capability.

Input/output Samples

TAS InfoSieve Platform


Guaranteed Output

How It Is Deployed

TAS Platform for end-to-end Automation of Information Processing:

TAS Packaged Software

• TAS technology bundled as products, delivered to client within their environment.

Build – Operate – Transfer (BOT)

• Customized solution on top of TAS technology platform.

• Run as a service for a period of time to make the system robust with learning, without disrupting client’s existing business

Software Enabled Service (SaaS)

• Productized services that leverage technology built through TAS InfoSieve automation platform.

Industry Segments

Analytics-ready data modelled with consistent data structure can cater to a variety of information types from the following industry segments:


1. Broker Reports
2. Financial Statements
3. Bonds


1. ISDAs
2. Lease Agreements
3. Vendor Contracts
4. Merchant Agreements


1. Legacy Publishing Content


1. Dynamic real-time web information extraction and monitoring

Sample Customers

1. Major financial information vendor servicing the full market ecosystem.

2. A major Buy-side Firm.

3. European quasi-governmental body, similar to UK Companies House.

4. A Ratings Agency in the US.

5. A large player in the sell-side asset management world.

6. One of the biggest Hedge Funds in the world.

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